Standard Application Form Analysis

Before you are called to interview your standard application form will already have been analysed very closely by an interview panel. This normally includes three people. If you are lucky enough to be called for interview, some of the content of this application form will also be discussed at interview.

Education Interview Hub will analyse and give detailed feedback on how you can tailor your form to specific roles advertised. It will also aid you in matching your competencies and strengths to job specifications while also discarding irrelevant information.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


How to get my Standard Application Form analysed?

Should you wish to avail of this service please forward you completed Standard Application Form to You will then receive an invoice as per the price list below. Once the invoice has been paid we will then proceed to analyse your form.

Please clearly state the relevant information in the subject line:

  • Primary SAF
  • Post Primary SAF


Primary Price List

Mainstream Class Teacher – €80

Principalship – €150

Deputy Principalship – €150


Post Primary Price List

Teacher – €85