The Next Chapter

The summer is coming to an end and unfortunately I have not been lucky enough to secure employment in my county. As much as I would like to say I’d be happy to sub I’m really not sure if I’m comfortable with so much uncertainty. At the moment there are less than 15 jobs advertised in my county so the positive vibes are at a bit of a low. I’ve applied for everything, with only one interview but I won’t let it get me down. There are maybe about 4 people from my class that have work so it’s not just me which is somewhat reassuring.

I’m currently preparing to become the best sub around, I’ve read up on various sites what a good sub is and what teachers/school’s look for. I’ve bought and created little games and stocked up on various activities. There seems to be more learning support/resource jobs so I’ve researched a bit about what an actual learning support/resource teacher does. One thing that I would say about college is that I’m finished and I feel that I have so much left to learn, I hope that the next year will fill in some gaps.

Of course I could move to places like Dublin or Cork to get a job or at least have more of a hope but I’d rather stick it out. Many of my friends are two or three years out of college and although it has been difficult for them they have something, nothing permanent but something.

Looking down the road is a bit trickier, I’m at the age now where I’d like to think about a home, marriage and motherhood. It’s hard to know should I wait until I’m permanent until I think about any of that. It wouldn’t look great if I became permanent and then got married/pregnant straight away so it’s difficult to plan for the future. I would also love a house of my own but I can’t secure a mortgage until I’m permanent.

Being completely honest there was times where I reflected on why I decided to become a teacher and put myself and my partner through such uncertainty but then I remember this is what I wanted, I’m really good at what I do and in a few years’ time this difficult time will all be a distant memory. Towards the end of this week I’ll pop into schools with my CV, fingers crossed!

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