Lost in a Sea of Roses

This is my first ever blog entry and there is so much to include I don’t know where to start. Let’s start with the basics. I’ve just completed a Professional Maters in Education at Hibernia College. The Master’s was difficult, very difficult but to be fair on our first day they gave us fair warning. There’s no way I would have survived without my Hibernia buddies, although it was so difficult I really am proud of how much we have learned, corny but true.

I laugh at the distant memory of May 2015 before I started any of my teaching practice experiences, how naïve I was. As with all industries/professions you definitely learn most on the job. Anyway, that’s all behind me now and I’ve officially joined the rat race. Between the final ten week TP and completing the thesis, I hadn’t thought about the next step at all. I did apply for my teaching council number a few months ago and I’m happy that I did as I can now do a bit of sub work.

I went to a seminar a few weeks ago which outlined the application forms and interview process for jobs. It seems so easy and straight forward but it would be naïve of me to think that I have much of a chance of getting a job in Munster this September. The competition is massive. Anytime I fill out an application form I feel like I’m being interviewed by Daithi for the Rose of Tralee. After hearing one or two of the girls they all sound the same. We all like sports and we all won a few Féile competitions back in the day. What can I do to stand out in a sea of Roses and the odd fella? I’ve applied for about 8 jobs now, in schools that I don’t know anyone in.

So many have said it’s who you know, you need contacts etc… What happens when you don’t know anyone?  A lot of my colleagues have said they’d be happy to sub next year but deep down I’d prefer to have the stability of a temporary/fixed term position. There are benefits to subbing in terms of getting your name out there but I’d really love my own class, colleagues and the independence it brings. So that’s where I am now, if I hear of anything from any of my applications I’ll update you on my preparation/freaking out.



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