Catch 22

Well, believe it or not, I got an interview! I received an email a few weeks ago informing me that I had an interview for a resource job. The school is a DEIS Band 1 school. No word of a lie, this school is my dream school. The school culture and atmosphere is great and the resources and class sizes are also very appealing. Out of all the schools I completed my placement in I felt most at home there.

When I received the email I was subbing in a school about 45 minutes away from home. The staff were so helpful and gave me loads of advice, I’ve never been so excited to get an email. Previous to the email the school had rang me twice asking me to sub, I had to say no as I was subbing in a different school so I was even more surprised when I was called to interview. Leading up to the interview I studied every night for hours, I looked up the new curriculum, made 5 pages of notes about the school and local area and learned of the usual piece about gaeilge a chur chun cinn sa rang.

The weekend before I was so pumped, I was ready; I bought a very formal suit, practiced my answers out loud and was 100% ready. Imagine my dismay when I got a call from an inside source to say that the job was gone. The job was going to the person who went subbing in the school after I had said no as I was subbing in a different school. I genuinely felt devastated, many told me that I should have dropped the other school and subbed in the school I wanted but I had committed myself to the far away school. In my opinion it would have been very unprofessional to drop a school.

I continued my study anyway and said I’d still give it my all. Upon entering the interview I was met by the Principal, the chairperson and a representative of the Diocese. The interview could not have gone better. The questions all went very well and at the end of the interview the Principal asked me was this my first interview, I said yes to which he replied ‘that was a fantastic interview’. Well by God I was delighted. I left feeling like I still had a chance.

A few days later I received a call from the Principal, he informed that I had not been successful and that the job went to a girl who had 5 years’ experience in a DEIS school in Leinster and she was moving home. The girl was the person who took the sub work when I said no. So here I am now, feeling very sorry for myself, it was a complete catch 22! The worse part about this experience is that I truly think I won’t get an interview in any other school as the two other school’s I did my TP in are quite small so this was really my main chance for a job this year.

To make this pity party even worse I’m here at the Gaeltacht and loads of people have been called to interview and are getting jobs, I didn’t tell anyone I was called to interview so I don’t feel so ashamed but it does tinge the heart a little bit, my jealous self is peering out. So I’m just going to focus on the Gaeltacht for now and my upcoming oral exam and then worry about my life. Bye for now, promise next time I won’t be so glum.

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