Called to Interview

After painstakingly writing, re-writing and printing twenty-three applications to date, I have received my first invitation for an interview. Interestingly, the school rang me before they sent me a letter, to make sure that I was still interested in the position (for fear I would have managed to secure another job in the week between sending that application and getting the call!). As you can imagine, I was ecstatic, jumping for joy, telling the kids I was minding like it was big news, which I suppose it was. Even the fact that they didn’t believe me when I told them couldn’t dampen my mood. I was happy out until about eight o’clock that evening, at which point panic began to set in. Who would be in there? What kind of questions would they ask? Would they ask sneaky ones? And most importantly – WHAT WILL I WEAR?! So I began my preparation by going over the notes I received from Education Interview Hub’s seminar – which I would highly recommend going to, by the way – and started adding in little notes for myself. Next, I went searching on the wonderful World Wide Web for some inspiration. has a list of questions that you can write out the answers to and some of the teaching bloggers have posted about interviews as well, with some even giving their answers. I wouldn’t recommend copying anything they say though. If you’ve copied their answers, chances are someone else will have as well and the two of you will end up looking like a complete numpties.

Yesterday, I went shopping for clothes for the interview, shamed by the many articles on the internet which advise that Penneys and Dunnes just don’t cut it. I went to Next first, but as a petite lady, I found nothing in there that looked right on me. Next, I went to Wallis and was pleasantly surprised at their range of petite office-style attire. I picked up a nice black trousers and a pair of shoes that looked fairly fancy. I got a cardigan in Dorothy Perkins – also petite, as I found it impossible to find a blazer (even in the petite section) that didn’t make me look like I had borrowed a friend’s one that was too big for me. From this I have learned several things:

  1. Buying interview clothes in the summer is hard as everything seems to be see-through and flowy – start looking in the Christmas Sales and go from there.
  2. Along the same lines as no.1, don’t wait until you get called for interview to get your clothes, it’ll cheer you up if you’re hearing nothing back and you’ll feel prepared when you do.
  3. Research petite/tall/plus-size ranges in shops BEFORE you go, it saves time.
  4. Take someone sensible with you for advice – I went alone and found myself wishing I had my friend with me for moral support as much as clothing advice.


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