Beginning life as a sub Teacher

The school year has begun and it is both overwhelming for those who have jobs and those who are subbing. I was lucky to get a few days subbing on the first week of school. It was a great experience as I was able to see the work that’s put in by all staff to get the school ready for the children. As well as that, a lot of the first day with the children is sorting books, copies, seats etc., so it can be a busy day.

During my subbing, I used both books from the classroom and lessons I had used on teaching practice. This worked very well and left no time to spare during the day. Preparation is key when subbing! However, this can be hard when it’s a last minute call so remember to have a bag ready with resources!

I used some classroom management skills that you could use when subbing that worked well. I love using a Mr. Potato man. If the children get all the pieces on by the end of the day/week, they get golden time or a treat. I also did teacher vs class, this is a clapping game. The children must  copy the teacher’s clapping rhythm and if they do not repeat it right, the teacher gets the point and if they do, the children get the point.

As substitute teachers, I think classroom management is something we should really focus on. Children can often see substitute teachers as a “day off work” or not take us as seriously as their own teacher. Before beginning my first day, I showed a minion video of classroom rules. The children enjoyed it and were very engaged in the video. I would refer back to the video at times throughout the day to remind the children of the classroom rules.

The start of the year can be quiet for subbing, so do not be disheartened if you are waiting a few weeks before you get a call. Good luck to all starting teaching this September!

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