Job Security Coming to an End

I have just finished my job-share and have just over a week of work left in Learning Support. I was sad when my time was up with the mainstream class, but excited to see what Learning Support would be like.

I’m finding that I’m less tired in the evenings, although the individual lessons seem to take an age to plan and prepare for, between gathering resources and photocopying.  I’ve found that it’s best to have a place for resources that you use every day and having a small bag or box to make them portable makes a huge difference. The area I’m struggling most with is time. It takes 3-5 minutes to get the children into the room, another five minutes to settle them, more time to correct last night’s homework and explain the ones they were stuck on and by the time you’ve all that done there’s only 10 or 15 minutes left.

I also realised that I’d forgotten a lot of the 5th and 6th class Maths, so much so that I brought home a text book one evening to do some questions to refresh my memory. It’s been so long since I had them on placement that I honestly hadn’t a notion of some of it. Working away on it for the evening brought me back up to speed fairly quickly though and even gave me some ideas for teaching the following day.

I’m still applying for jobs, although I’m being far more selective about the schools that I choose, particularly in terms of the distance of the school from my house. I’ve realised from subbing that there’s only so far you can travel when you’re expected to arrive at 9 o’ clock. Not much of a response so far, although I’m remaining optimistic as I’m working on my SAF and CV all the time.

In the back of my mind the day when my secure(ish) employment ends is looming. I can feel the daunting prospect of an empty diary swelling a bit more every day. It’ll be the first time this year that I won’t be sure of a few days subbing the following week. The phone has been ringing nearly every day and even though the security is great, I can’t take up any of the offers from other schools. Hopefully the phone calls will continue!