Not a minute to spare

Hi all, it’s been awhile since I’ve added to the blog but here it goes. I’m nearly two months in as a NQT and all I’m wondering is is everyone else as exhausted as I am?! I naively thought that if I put in enough work during the Masters that I would get used to the normal teaching routine but I was wrong. It’s Wednesday and even though I know there is only 7 teaching days left before midterm I am struggling to find any energy.

I have been lucky enough to get a temporary resource post and I love it. Unfortunately due to recent (unfortunate) changes I am not able to get my restricted Dip done. I’m over that now and am finally getting somewhat used to the routine. Truthfully, when I started I really was lost. One thing I will say is that I don’t believe that many colleges are currently preparing NQT’s for resource positions. During the Masters we completed one week observation in a resource setting and it was just not adequate.

My biggest worry is that due to my inexperience I will cheat a child out of proper support or that I may miss something that I should see. I work with many different children with many unique abilities, personalities, attributes as well as difficulties. The area that is most complex at the moment is SSLD, there are so many areas under this umbrella term that it is difficult to know if you’re tackling the right area for each student as their needs vary so much. In order to do my best I’ve been staying late almost every day and working Saturday and Sunday mornings and I’m not even doing my Dip yet!

My advice to anyone starting in a resource post is to:

  1. Look at your students IEP’s and psychological report
  2. Talk to the class teacher and the students SNA (if they have one)
  3. Get to know your students, find out their interests and try to take them individually to have a one on one chat
  4. Ask LOADS of questions, ask the current staff anything and everything as this is very different to mainstream teaching

Once you start with those and gather yourself then you can look at all the programs currently available in schools, look at books and work your butt off as you’re extremely lucky to have a job!

Resource is a completely different job to what I’ve studied, I’ve learned so much that will only add to my CV. That’s all for now, I’ll enjoy every minute in resource but I’m not going to lie my heart lies in the classroom.